Rika Krithara

Passing Lines, 2021

Passing Lines discusses the perception of community, coexistence, and borders, inspired by the passing of Albanian groups of refugees through the Greek mountain borders and their chance encounters with Greek mountaineers. It is a visual fragment of common struggle in hostile terrain and an imaginary open assembly upon those mountains.
Moving borders and crises, the common history of the Balkans through different narrations: the issues of closed or open borders, haunt this project as unsolved questions. Mountains are considered a terrain of freedom, of struggle, but also a place of common grounds and common cultural history that goes into deep time. 
Passing Lines is an elliptic visual fragment of a common struggle against a hostile terrain and a projection of an imaginary forum of exchange and mutual aid created upon those mountains. The identities are merged: mountaineers and refugees could not be separated, they are struggling shadows in a world of ice and snow. In the evening they gather together to cook and regain strength but also to reflect, communicate and discuss. This imaginary open assembly, a place of discussions and collective process is a place of a new beginning, a common ground

Passing Lines is an ongoing research for the cultural cooperation program Some_Call_Us_Balkans, created on the behalf of the Biennale of Western Balkans curated by Elli Leventaki, Mariana Ziku and Enrico Tomassini