Rika Krithara

Walk the Cloud, 2020

Walk the Cloud explores the interplay of limited and infinite space, movement and seclusion and how community can unfold in restricted times.
Since the beginning of the pandemic of 2020, together with artist Eva-Maria Gugg (Austria), we produced a series of simultaneous performative walks in both countries.
The project wants to establish a digital community of artists on walking and wandering.

in the “Walk the Cloud” project, a bundle of paper strips, which Eva produced by cutting paintings and drawings of hers with a shredder on a quiet morning of the exhibition space at Schaumbad, makes its way in Greece. The bundle was carried by walking to the rocky, remote hills in central Naxos island, where the horizon appears unlimited.
There, the paper stripes go through a transformation to clouds or creatures invading the wide landscape.
Walk the Cloud will be presented as a two-channel video installation at Schaumbad.ateliers in Graz, Austria.
Exhibition opening: 11 December 2020
Exhibition duration: 11 December 2020-30 March 2021
Opening hours: Wednesday to Friday from 13:00 am-17:00 pm

Elke Murlastis, artistic director of Schaumbad, writes:

Eva-Maria Gugg und Rika Krithara hingegen verbinden in ihrer Arbeit Walk the Cloud Himmel und Erde, Materie und Flüchtiges, Bildende Kunst und Performance. Endpunkt ihrer gemeinsamen in Österreich und Griechenland ausgeführten Geh-Performances, in denen die Künstler!nnen via Skype verbunden waren, sind wolkenhafte Gebilde auf abgelegenen, felsigen Bergen der Insel Naxos. Hier wurden Zeichnungen wieder zu Papier, Papier zu Post, Post wurde zu Kreaturen in abgeschiedener Natur, festgehalten auf Video, als Zeichen künstlerischer Kollaboration in Zeiten geschlossener Reisewege.

Eva-Maria Gugg and Rika Krithara, on the other hand, combine heaven and earth, matter and fleeting, visual art and performance in their work Walk the Cloud. The end point of their joint walking performances in Austria and Greece, in which the artists were connected via Skype, are cloud-like structures on remote, rocky mountains on the island of Naxos. Here drawings became paper again, paper became mail, mail became creatures in a secluded nature, captured on video, as a sign of artistic collaboration in times of closed travel routes.