Rika Krithara

Persistence Obscura, video installation 2013

There are vast areas, difficult to reach, without clear boundaries, where vision clears.

Fragments of organizing living in the mountains, at the end of a day's wandering. Setting the tent, cooking food in a seemingly inhospitable environment.
The minimum of a shell -a tent, a remnant hut- and the small group in an expanding infinite time / space. Night, gathering around the elementary (food, warmth, sleep), the relation of the unit with the infinite.
The fire-mountain, potential annihilation of the possibility of looking at the pure beauty.
The improvised organization, the mutual aid, and the Ύβρις of destruction coexist.
In the extinguishing effort, images of urban fighting, an "event" fragmentary and disturbing, a rift of perception.
The persistence of a foreboding disaster -and its fulfillment- returns as anxiety as well as the awakening of the community.
The explosive, unexpected event dissipated in the historical time as a question and a new possibility.

Percistence Obscura was presented at the exhibition "Microgeographies II an accidental Guide to urban commons", curated by Hariklia Hari at CAMP, Athens and at the exhbition "Exercises on Democracy", curated by Hariklia Hari and Nikos Haralambides at 303 art space, Athens